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May 7th, 2019 - arkebiz — LiveJournal

Hi Everybody

Jesus said  ...

"A prophet is not without  honor

except in his  hometown

and in his own  household."

Jesus speaking in Matthew  13:57

Wherefore, brethren,

covet (be zealous) to  prophesy

and forbid not to speak with  tongues.

1 Corinthians 14:39

"Honky talka deo

Honky talka dei,

Honky talka deo

Honky talka dei."

Sometimes when people are going off  the tracks

we have to send them a warning  -

a honk from God.

And face the  consequences!

God Bless  and Go You Bless,   

Janet and  John


Please send  on to others if you would like to do it.

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