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April 6th, 2019 - arkebiz — LiveJournal

Hi Everybody

"O sons of  Israel,

do not fight against the  LORD,

the God of your  fathers,

for you cannot  succeed."

Abijah, on Mount Zemaraim, adjuring  the sons of Israel in 2 Chronicles 13:12

The serious news!

The Lord God  Almighty

can, does and will  continue

to take out those

who seriously oppose

His Will and  Purposes

on  planet earth.

The happier news!

'He does not afflict  willingly

Nor grieve the children of  men.'

'Though He causes  grief

Yet He will show  compassion

according to the multitude of His  mercies.

Jeremiah speaking in his Lamentations 3:33,32

It would,t hurt to read the whole  chapter!

God Bless  and Go You Bless,   

Janet and  John


Please send  on to others if you would like to do it.

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