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April 1st, 2019 - arkebiz — LiveJournal

Hi Everybody

The Levites ... had charge

of the treasuries

of the house of God

and the treasuries of the dedicated gifts.

1 Chronicles 16:20

And we also

'as living stones, 

are being built up a spiritual house,

a holy priesthood,

to offer up spiritual sacrifices

acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.'

1 Peter 2:5

And part of our spiritual sacrifice

is our giving to God.

Today, (the same day as the text),

I received in the mail 

a financial request from Prison Fellowship Australia.

As it concerns a quintessential part of their ministry,

namely the training of volunteer prison visitors

(and they can't take shortcuts for obvious security reasons)

I believe that Jesus is asking me to tell you.


God Bless and Go You Bless,   

Janet and John


Please send on to others if you would like to do it.

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